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Medical Deans through its membership is committed to:

+ Improving the health of Australians and New Zealanders through the continual development and advocacy of medical education and research leading to high quality, work ready medical graduates and excellence in research

+ Working Collaboratively to advocate on behalf of members and increase Medical Deans impact on relevant policy decisions and action

 Objective 1  

Support medical schools to produce quality medical graduates through education, training and assessment

Objective 2              

Inform medical workforce planning

Objective 3              

Promote improvements in Indigenous health through education and workforce development

Objective 4              

Promote excellence in health and medical research

Objective 5              

Promote improvements in rural health through education and workforce development

Objective 6  

Provide a collegial forum through the Medical Deans membership for the exchange of information and the development of policy

Objective 7  

Provide leadership

Objective 8              

Support social accountability  and community engagement

Objective 9

Strengthen Medical Deans connection and engagement with medical students

Medical Deans Strategic Plan


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