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Medical Deans’ substantive office and operational staff are located in Sydney.

Headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Medical Deans’ staff supports the day to day operations of the organisation, including all externally funded project related activity. The CEO is supported by a Senior Administrative Officer, Executive Assistant, and Project and Research Officers. An Organisational Chart is available here.

Operational staff functions include support for high level advocacy activities with government and its agencies, related peak bodies and accrediting agencies in medical education and training, including CPMC, CPMEC, AMC, AMSA and the Medical Board of Australia; and our indigenous partners – AIDA, Te ORA and NACCHO.

Administrative activities include management of all contractual and financial responsibilities, organisation of events, support for governing committees, groups and forums, and team management.

The organisation’s portfolio of projects and related activities is also managed through Medical Deans staff. Currently, Medical Deans oversees four distinct projects. The staff also supports Medical Deans’ activities in Indigenous Health, Medical Education and Assessment and Social Accountability. For administrative efficiency, all staff are employed by Medical Deans.

Contact Information for individual staff members is available here .

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