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The Clinical Supervision Support Partnership (CSSP) Program is a joint initiative of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand, Confederation of Postgraduate Medical Education Councils (CPMEC) and Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC) and is funded by Health Workforce Australia.

Project aim
To promote supervisory best practice in the provision of clinical oversight and educational supervision of medical students, pre-vocational and vocational trainees in clinical environments.

With increasing numbers of medical trainees and the accountability required of medical education training processes along with the development of higher precision educational tools and the need for demonstration of competence to practice by trainees, it is recognised that a passive system of apprenticeship training is no longer educationally safe or desirable. Regulatory authorities require demonstration of competence in medicine by trainees. In addition there are multiple changes occurring in the health sector such as increased recognition of safety and quality in the delivery of health interventions, shorter length-of-stay by patients, greater trainee numbers, and high educational supervision demands by trainees and their training programs. There are significant pressures on students/trainees and their supervisors to provide an educationally rich learning environment in clinical environments.

To better support and equip busy clinicians with knowledge and skills in educational supervision, this project will;
• Develop a curriculum of educational supervision
• Provide resources, on-line and face-to-face, to equip and support supervisors
• Provide Supervisory support through an on-line community of practice for supervisors
• Promote the further development of medical education as a specialist area of expertise

The project aims to support progressive harmonisation of education programs across the training sectors, as appropriate and agreed to by the Training Organisations, and to better integrate training for the trainees and supervisory processes for supervisors.

Project Outcomes
The project successfully concluded in November 2013.

The project undertook a series of supervision workshops across the project period and a Supervision Summit in March 2013, and culminated in the development of a supervision framework and a set of online modules to be accessed by supervisors from across the continuum through the website

The modules cover the basic elements of clinical supervision and are intended either as an introduction to the subject or as a refresher for experienced clinicians.

For information about the project, please contact the Medical Deans Office.

This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia

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