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Medical Deans’ Indigenous Student Statistics

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori students currently represent a relatively small number of the total medical student population of both Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa. Depending on the presentation and analysis of student data, this presents a greater potential for these students to be identified. Medical Deans recognises that unintended consequences may easily result from the analysis of data which is focussed on Indigenous populations. In light of this Medical Deans supports the following principles, guidelines and protocols regarding the specific access and research on all its Indigenous medical student data, including MSOD data.

Principles and guidelines


  • Medical Deans will respond to applications seeking national and or state unidentifiable data on Indigenous medical student enrolments.
  • In cases of applications seeking Indigenous student data which is potentially identifiable, Medical Deans will ask for evidence of a research proposal which has been approved by a properly constituted and appropriate Indigenous HREC.
  • The MSOD Data Access Committee will include an Indigenous member.
  • Any release of Indigenous student statistics from the Medical Deans Student Statistics data collection must be authorised by the CEO of Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand.
  • Any release of Indigenous student statistics from the MSOD must be authorised by the MSOD Data Access Committee.

Note: The principles and protocols outlined above may be integrated onto the Medical Deans They may also be placed in the Medical Deans procedures manual and integrated within the MSOD Data Access Policy.


PDF: Medical Deans Indigenous student data principles-protocols

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