Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy & Confidentiality 


Your anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed throughout the study. All research and studies associated with the MSOD Project comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (and future amendments), and the National Privacy Principles (APPs) and Australian Privacy Principles guidelines which apply from March 2014. Copies of these documents can be found on the Information Commissioner’s website ( Our Data Access Policy regulates how participant information is to be handled.


You are invited to complete a questionnaire (Medical Students Workforce Survey – MSWS) in the final year of your medical program. The Questionnaire asks questions about your career intentions and internship placement, plus you will also have the opportunity to rate your medical school experiences. Personal information will be kept confidential and data will be stored in a de-identified form. There is no collection of data on your grades and academic record. From time-to-time the Project may seek further involvement from participants through focus groups and attendance at workshops. Feedback is always welcome on all parts of the project from survey administration methodology to research agenda. The terms of involvement in the MSOD Project guarantee anonymity and confidentiality at all times.


Participation in this project is entirely voluntary. The data collected through the MSOD Project will be analysed to answer questions about numbers of medical students trained, the type and location of undergraduate and postgraduate training placements, how these experiences influence eventual career destinations and other questions associated with the demographic, educational and career intentions data. Analyses may be done by Medical Deans, government agencies or other researchers with the appropriate ethical clearance. Data analyses will be conducted using protocols that ensure strict privacy and security of the data and reports will never identify individuals. Consent to complete the MSWS is provided by the participant via a tick box at the start of the questionnaire. Participants can withdraw their consent to continue to participate in the MSOD Project at any time by contacting Medical Deans office on 02 8084 6557 or


In accordance with the ethics requirements of Australian universities, an ethics application has been lodged and approved at each of the participating universities in the MSOD longitudinal project. An ethics file number is assigned to the approved application at each university and is provided below. Should you like to learn more about the local ethics processes, make an enquiry or lodge a complaint please refer to the appropriate website below and quote the unique ethics file number for the relevant university.

University Ethics File Number Human Research Ethics Website
Australian National University 2008/532 Click to visit website
Bond University RO894 Click to visit website
Deakin University EC 2007-219 Click to visit website
Flinders University SBRE 3445 Click to visit website
Griffith University MED/18/08/HREC Click to visit website
James Cook University H3194 Click to visit website
Monash University CF09/0131 – 2008001758 Click to visit website
The University of Adelaide H-145-2008 Click to visit website
The University of Melbourne HREC 0930972 Click to visit website
The University of New England HE09016p Ethics administered by Newcastle on behalf of UNE. Refer to Newcastle contact details. Quote UNE ethics file number.
The University of New South Wales HREC 08336 Click to visit website
The University of Newcastle H-2008-0378 Click to visit website
The University of Notre Dame 011068F Click to visit website
The University of Queensland 2008002089 Click to visit website
The University of Sydney 11436 Click to visit website
The University of Western Australia RA/4/1/2364 Click to visit website
University of Tasmania H10355 Click to visit website
University of Western Sydney H6570 Click to visit website
University of Wollongong HE06/329 Click to visit website
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