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Medical Education Collaboration Committee (MECC)

All Australian and New Zealand Medical Schools are represented on the  Medical Deans Medical Education Collaboration Committee. These members hold expertise in assessment and engage in both political and practical issues around medical education. MECC members agreed that an Inherent Requirements Working Group be formed to manage the collaborative development of a unified guideline for inherent requirements to study and practice medicine. The main objective is to discuss and develop a definition and framework around inherent requirements for medical practice, with the view to establishing national Good Practice Guidelines.


The Inherent Requirements Working group members are the Deans of Medical Schools. The group meets via teleconference on a number of occasions. The objective of the group is to develop a set of guidelines for Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand (Medical Deans) on inherent requirements for medical students.

The Inherent Requirements for Studying Medicine in Australia and New Zealand has been developed by Medical Deans for use in professional entry level medical training with the aim of providing the greatest access for students with a disability while ensuring safe clinical training. The Inherent Requirements document has been the subject of extensive discussion within MDANZ and consultation with a range of external organisations.

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